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fromJuly 10 toSeptember 15, 2002 - EACC


Architectures for the Event

Project curated by Martí Peran

Architectures fr the Event engages in a reflection around certain art practices (known under different denominations: relational aesthetics, real time art, art of the event, Neo-Situationism, etc.), through which art renews its commitment with everyday life. These types of art practice may adopt highly diverse and heterogeneous forms, although all of them share markedly transgressive underpinnings which force a re-definition of the terms of aesthetic thought and of traditional parameters: artists, traditionally understood as demiurges, see their role transmuted into that of mediums or conductors of situations. In turn, spectators, now turned into users, abandon passive attitudes and take part in the development and growth of events. Finally, art centres are no longer mere contemplative environments and take on a new role for use and consumption.

Raimond Chaves, Minerva Cuevas, Jens Haaning, Fabrice Hybert, KIT, STALKER, Rirkrit Tiravanija / Josep-Maria Martín.


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