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fromFebruary 06 toApril 26, 2015 - EACC



Curated by: José Luis Pérez Pont
For the spectator, reality and fiction are practically indistinguishable in the works of Javier Núñez Gasco (Salamanca, 1971), particularly those engaging in the field of the performing arts. The direct, performative involvement of the spectator is a feature Núñez Gasco has successfully coopted into his works. A common logic cuts across his projects, largely as a result of a dynamic that seeks to create social realities grounded in contact with the extraordinary simplicity of the everyday. His works are an imaginative formalisation, divested of judgement values, of his observations and reflections on what is happening around him, around us.

Fuera de acto confronts the artwork and the public through a variable, changing exhibition of some of the works Javier Núñez Gasco has created within the field of the performing arts over recent years. Curated by José Luis Pérez Pont, this project has been conceived specifically for Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló as an experience closely bound to the live arts.

A stage play lies on a tacit agreement between the audience and the actors who sustain the illusion of the dramatic events being enacted, with the acceptance that what happens on stage is a form of truth permitted throughout the duration of the play. In everyday life truth is also constructed by means of pacts and role playing. Through non-verbal agreements we interrelate with one another and establish temporary agreements for the construction of realities. In this way, we take part in the creation of a public space based on representation.

Fuera de acto conjectures a rupture of the established agreements in contemporary art exhibitions. Here, the exhibition is turned into a work in its own right and the work itself is then subject to constant change. There is no interest in displaying a rounded, finished object. Rather the emphasis is on presenting a catalyst for action. In this particular case, the spectator is cast in the lead role, and becomes an actor looking at the work from inside and from outside, while the artist becomes an actor and at once a spectator.

The inaugural performance of Fuera de acto is conceived as a reflection on the meaning of personal communication, at a time when mediation in human relations means that events take on a value and meaning precisely when some element is interposed between the interlocutor and the facts. With this action, Javier Núñez Gasco transmits to the spectator the need to recover the drive of personal experience, while at the same time we, as citizens, need to recover the capacity to construct realities of our own that can in turn transform the collective imaginary.

The title Fuera de acto, something akin to “off stage”, wishes to break the formal structure of the exhibition by turning the spotlight onto the public, who lend the events with content and transform them. And ultimately this is where its true purpose lies.
Workshop: Obra completa / Fuera de acto, by Javier Núñez Gasco and André E. Teodósio

26-30 January 2015
Places limited. Enrolment: actividades@eacc.es
Opening performance
30 January, 8:00 pm
Exhibition opening
6 February, 8:00 pm

Javier Núñez Gasco. Fuera de acto
30 January - 26 April 2015
Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló
Curated by: José Luis Pérez Pont


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