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fromJune 02 toAugust 27, 2017 - EACC


The Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló presents the William Burroughs exhibition. Nova Convention, curated by the artist Eva Prinz and musician Thurston Moore, known for his career in the mythical band Sonic Youth.

The show is an evocative tour of the Nova Convention, an event organized by John Giorno, James Grauerholz and Sylvere Lotringer, which took place at the Entermedia Theater in New York over a period of three days between the end of November and the beginning of December 1978 The event featured a series of readings, screenings and performances inspired by the work of William Burroughs which included, among others, performances by Laurie Anderson, Patti Smith, Philip Glass, Brion Gysin, Frank Zappa, John Cage and Timothy Leary.

The exhibition has original objects and materials of bibliographical and documentary character rarely exposed. Highlighting the black and white photographs taken by James Hamilton, then photographer of the Village Voice of New York and, currently, shooting photographer in the films of Wes Anderson. The images of Hamilton show Burroughs along with his most intimate and radical circle, formed by a heterogeneous group of friends and colleagues, mostly artists, writers, musicians and dancers, among whom we can recognize the faces of: Patti Smith, John Cage , Frank Zappa, Terry Southern, John Giorno, Laurie Anderson, Anne Waldman, Merce Cunningham and many others.

James Hamilton's snapshots demonstrate his ability to capture the camaraderie and affection that swirled behind the curtains of the Entermedia Theater, and thanks to them we can now discover.

The Nova Convention was also attended, with only 19 years, Thurston Moore. In his words: "There was always something magical in New York air and there seemed to be no other world in 1978. Burroughs returning to the city where he predicted that urban energy and the blinding light of punk rock was a matter of pride and integrity. The future belonged to us. "

The result is a tribute to Burroughs, capital figure of the Beat Generation, on the 20th Anniversary of his death.
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