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fromOctober 23, 2009 toMarch 29, 2010 - EACC

Lawrence Weiner Under the Sun

Lawrence Weiner is an explorer of materials and their relationships to humans and other materials in the world. Since the start of his career, Weiner has worked in the studio, bringing in materials and experimenting with their properties. In order to avoid the constraints and specificity of displaying objects, in 1968 Weiner turned to language as a means of presenting his sculpture. By translating his studio work into language, Weiner communicates the content of each piece without specifying any of its physical qualities. The properties of language match Weiner’s aspirations for his work: to be accessible, subjective, and above all useful for a diverse audience.

Known as one of the pioneers of the so-called Conceptual Art, Lawrence Weiner defines himself as a sculptor who uses language as expressive means. Since late 60’s his work has been materialized in books, animations and songs, T-shirts, pins, tattoos, sewer covers, posters… His proposal adapts itself mainly around the linguistic material. Weiner takes language as sculptural matter to create his works, the technique that he uses to compose Under the Sun, a project conceived to the Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló.

Weiner considers that the linguistic construction can cause the same reaction in the audience that a conventional object since the importance of the idea is above the materialization of the work. The concept is the piece of art independent of the support that is used.

Though Weiner’s work is often disarmingly eloquent, flirting even with poetry, the work of art is not the text, but rather the idea (or content) that he sets out in language: the material, movement, or transition referenced by his words. As long as the content is conveyed, a piece may be re-created in a multitude of ways: spoken, as written language, or as a built manifestation of the object or circumstances the language describes.

Even when his works can show certain poetic appearance, it means just the opposite; it is not with the untranslatable, what cannot be expressed, with which Weiner faces, but rather with the need of translation, and therefore with the problematic of the interpretation. Weiner handles language not in an hermeneutic way but in a constructive one; he does not distinguish between nouns or verbs, between objects and actions. As he himself expresses it, in his propositions it is not indicated a determined sense: “The art that for its appreciation imposes conditions to the receiver (…) constitutes in my opinion a fascist aesthetic. My art never gives directions”.

In the last two decades Weiner has carried out works and exhibitions with texts directly painted or in vinyl on walls, floors or building facades; in posters and books that he himself designs. This way, Weiner’s art does not exist only as language, even it is not limited to be written on a support, but it incorporates the vagueness of meaning that can exist as spoken or in translation. Placing his works in different clearly accessible contexts he voluntarily democratises his proposal.

Answering to the EACC invitation, Lawrence Weiner proposes the project Under the Sun in two versions: a work devised for public space, more specifically, in the city centre, and an exhibition which is actually its concept that unfurls in the space of the EACC.
Under the Sun / Lawrence Weiner
Under the Sun, the project conceived by Lawrence Weiner for a public space in the city of Castellón, was officially opened in February 2010 at the "El Pinar" park in El Grao, Castellón.

Permanently installed in the park, the piece consists of three large-format modules covered in porcelain stoneware. Each of the modules measures one meter high by twenty metres wide and the piece as a whole covers an area of seventy square metres. The porcelain stoneware used in the work was produced expressly for this project.

This public work refers to questions as to what constitutes a public sculpture? Who and where is this public? Weiner reiterates these questions with this project, which will be carried out in three languages: Valencian, Spanish and English.

15 January  / 8 pm
Entre Espacio
Five contemporary dance pieces for the Lawrence Weiner exhibition.
In the background of the exhibition Under the Sun of Lawrence Weiner there have been programmed a series of activities of dance specifically created for this project. The first of them is called entre espacio and will be in charge of the dance company Janet Rühl-Arnd Müller.
The performance entre espacio works with the idea of reduction in relation with the work of Lawrence Weiner. The space is left free for pure movement and sound. The public follows the two performers throughout the exhibition space where it will come across solos and duos created in different places.
If Lawrence Weiner says in one of his books that “all art is made from anger”, then this performance is looking for expression in the pleasure of movement in dance, as a counterpoint.
Janet Rühl and Arnd Müller founded thier company of dance in 1999. They have performed the following pieces of contemporary dance: Kleidenschaften, HomeLandTrying out02-04fort SchrittVals de VidreSang Verda- Grünes Blut and Kontaktmetamorphose.
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